Meta-Roadmap Addiction Recovery (inactive)

A Level of Information B Level of Materials C Level of Methods
1. OBSERVATION 1A. Disease? Choice? Sin? 1B. The Genesis of The Momentum of Choice 1C. The War Within Self
2. ORIGINS 2A. Choice as Cause and Effect 2B. The Proliferation of The Momentum of Choice 2C. The Corruption of The Momentum of Choice
3. ENDINGS 3A. Beginning with the Solution 3B. Forget Who You Think You Are 3C. Remember Who You Really Are
4. MEANS 4A. Opposing or Surrendering Power 4B. Transmute Emotions into Usable Power 4C. Neutralizing the Power Source
5. RISK 5A. Unintended Consequences 5B. Process Hazard Analysis 5C. The Danger of Authentic Living
6. PROGRESS 6A. Promises, Promises 6B. Key Process Indicators 6C. Transformation at the Base
7. DECLINE 7A. Diminishing Returns 7B. The Full Process Blueprint 7C. The Four Catalysts of Becoming
8. COMPLETION 8A. Spiritual Materialism 8B. The Seven Signs of Self 8C. At the Source
9. TRANSMISSION 9A. A Pragmatic Mythology 9B. A Renewable Framework of Discovery 9C. A Language of Liberation
10. TRANSITION 10A. The Squandered Legacy 10B. The Science of Spirituality 10C. Absolute, Unconditional Freedom

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