Note: All FEATURED PROJECTS are Archived with my standard Meta-Process Research & Development (M-P R & D) Report template in either CONFIDENTIAL, RESTRICTED ACCESS, or UNRESTRICTED ACCESS designation. Each project has been selected to feature on this website because they represent a major shift in Cogniventive focus; however, other different configurations of Archived material are possible.


COGNIVENTUS 10.0 “How Humanity Survives the Self” © 2022
This five volume magnum opus—moving through the phenomenon of addiction from the years 1935-2185 in America; first as history, then as current event, and then as speculative fiction—represents the final articulation & application of the Cogniventive vision, slated for completion in 2022, fifty years after the first exoteric seed was planted during my experience of the Discovery Method in High School. An 80-page outline is available from The Library of Congress; a suggestive tabular outline can be seen at “The Surviving Self Series”


COGNIVENTUS 9.0 “Writing a Sequel to the AA Big Book”
Anticipating the 100 year anniversary of the publication of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous—when an Oral Tradition became Written—with a similar release of enhanced recovery materials previously available by word of mouth. A sequel to the Basic Text of Alcoholics Anonymous forms the center-piece of the Commemorative Collection, and the website feature. A brief outline and rationale can be found at “Big Book Sequel”


COGNIVENTUS 8.0 “Engineering New Addiction-Recovery Pipelines”
A paradigm-shifting application of state-of-the-art quality management principles ((GMP) to Twelve Step Recovery Pathways. Grew out of an invitation by CEO Doug Tieman of world renowned Caron Foundation to visit their Wernersberg, PA, campus and provide leadership to the management staff.
—April 11, 2011: “Good Meta-Process Practice as Patient Empowerment”
—April 1, 2009: “The New Founder’s Program”
—September 5, 2007: “Discovering a Common Language of Liberation”
—April 13, 2006: “Creating a New Relapse Narrative”


COGNIVENTUS 7.0 “Science & Technology Impossible!”
Demonstrated to several small manufacturing sites the power of applying Cogniventive principles to Science and Technology Pipelines:
—BioKyowa Inc, June 19, 2014; Cape Girardeau, Missouri
—Cambrex Corporation, May 9, 2014; Charles City, Iowa
—Cytec Industries, February 7, 2014; Willow Island, West Virginia
—Sensient Technologies, July 2, 2013; St Louis, Missouri
—Brewer Science, August 24, 2012; Rolla, Missouri
In scaling up laboratory procedures to full-scale production, small manufacturing facilities with 175-300 employees invariably fail to understand that their main challenges are the emergent properties that derive from scaling up human behavior. A user-friendly presentation of this highly specialized Project can be found on this website at: Science and Technology Impossible!


COGNIVENTUS 6.0 “Aesthetics as the Bridge between Science & Religion”
“The dogmas of religion are an attempt to formulate in precise terms the truths disclosed to the religious experience of mankind. In exactly the same way, the dogmas of physical science are an attempt to formulate in precise terms the truths disclosed to the sense-perception of mankind.” Alfred North Whitehead
—What does Science Really tell us about Religion?” December 2013—April 2014: Ongoing Meta-Process Theology debates in 2014 with New Smyrna Beach Theology Club on a variety of dazzling topics, including: the big bang and various creation accounts; and “Quantum Physics and the Resurrection.”
—“Do you look? or do you see?” November 2013—May 2014: Observation as the foundation of creativity in both the Arts and the Sciences: May 10th, 2014 to groups of artists at HUB on Canal in New Smyrna, FL.


COGNIVENTUS 5.0 “A New Jersey Yankee in the Missouri Midwest”
January 2013—October 2013: Created a television show for Fidelity 6 and Channel 95 in Rolla, Missouri, that contrasted and compared regional attitudes in an edgy, but humorous fashion. Built understanding among a diverse ethnic & cultural population by demonstrating how individual and collective frameworks of reality influence human behavior.


COGNIVENTUS 4.0 “The Periodic Table of Self-Discovery” © 2012
First full articulation of the Cogniventus technique of simultaneously sequencing and layering ideas within a pedagogical framework. Marketed as the 3-DVD set, A Crash Course in Being Human, with full logo and tagline registered as the Cogniventus Trademark. A Copy of the Introductory Manual is available from The Library of Congress. The website began publishing Featured Projects in 2012 using the Cogniventus standard Meta-Process Research & Development Report format.


COGNIVENTUS 3.0 “A Crash Course in Becoming Human”
Early attempt to bring the embryonic Cogniventive methodology out into the open and place it in contact with other methodologies: Stanton Peele, Kevin Griffin, Piet Hut; including my May 17, 2007 application to National Public Radio’s search for “The Next Big Talent.” Missed the cut, but received thoughtful praise by several judges for approaching addiction as a primal human archetype rather than a behavioral aberration. Served as a springboard for developing a TED talk.


COGNIVENTUS 2.0 “I Hate My Job; But Please Don’t Fire Me”
An collection of work-related projects linked through a common Cogniventive theme—ambivalence.
—“Towards a Culture of Ethical Accountability.” January 19th, 2011; Johnson Matthey Pharmaceuticals: A Learning Experience Assessment of the Accountability Rollout Sessions conducted onsite by Partners for Leadership.
—“Coordinating Egos: The Politics of Accident Investigation.” September 9 (2005), International Flavors and Fragrances. Rooted in my experiences as Accident Investigation Coordinator, a scorchingly honest investigation into how employee & employer attitudes affect safety compliance. At the request of the company Vice-President, presentations tailored for each of the nine departments were given, with attendance mandated for all employees.
—“Not Another Self-Help Book?!” February 20 (2004), International Flavors and Fragrances: An admittedly jaded look at Steven Covey’s “The Eighth Habit,” presented at IFF’s 9-week symposium on the same. While exposing the dangers of being on a path to Self-Knowledge, I highlighted, to my own ultimate peril, Corporate America’s duplicity in creating these Motivational Seminars instead than directly addressing the problems that prompt them.
—“ I Hate My Job; but Please don’t Fire Me.” A motivational talk applied successfully at several Placement Orientations conducted with Lee Hecht Harrison (2001) and Right Management Consultants (2006).

COGNIVENTUS 1.0 “Broken Dharma Mirror” © 2005
A 79,00 word manuscript (still unpublished in its entirety) distilling a decade of in-the-field Research & Development (1992-2002) that continues to serve as a core resource for topics & information. A copy of the full text is available at the Library of Congress.


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