Surviving Self: The Other American Experiment

We consolidate the 30 modules of the root Self-Discovery Matrix into 27 by combining Origins & Endings into a single movement that we call the Momentum of Choice. By then bookending the corresponding 3 x 9 Table with transitional 9-module sequences, we create a 45 block Periodic Table of Self that will then form the frame narrative for a 5 volumes series covering the Story of Addiction in America between 1935 and 2185, moving seamlessly from uncommon history, through current events, and into speculative fiction rooted in the momentum of choice. Expected completion date is 2024. Test Table



S1. Observation in Motion A1 Loss of Power B1 Lack of Knowledge C1 Sick of Being Me 1S. Observation at Rest
S2. The Momentum of Choice I A2 The Momentum of Choice II
B2 The Momentum of Choice III
C2 The Momentum of Choice IV
2S. The Momentum of Choice V
S3. Pathway Reactions & Responses A3 The Path of Certainty B3 The Path of Uncertainty C3 The Path of Probability 3S. The Periodic Path
S4. Emergent Risk A4 Archetypal Materialism B4. Archetypal Hazards C4. Archetypal Possession 4S. Inherent Risk
S5. Entering the Volitional Stream A5. The First Wave of Momenta B5 The Second Wave of Momenta C5 The Third Wave of Momenta 5S. Into an Empty Ocean of Intent
S6. Forgetting to Remember A6 Diminishing Tactical Returns B6 Strategy Decay C6 The Inversion of Self & Self-Image 6S. Remembering to Forget
S7. Addiction as Archetype A7 Addiction as Odyssey B7 Addiction as Master Class C7 Addiction as Primal Struggle 7S. Addiction as Imbedded Philosophy
S8. Passing on Oral & Written Traditions A8 Forming a Framework of Reality B8 Maintaining a Framework of Reference C8 Manipulating a Framework of Choice 8S. Transmitting the Transmission
S9. Opening Portals of Opportunity A9 Crossing the Threshold of Power B9 Crossing the Threshold of Knowledge C9 Returning through the Identity Passage 9S. Closing the Door Behind You

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