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Do not be discouraged. Resist the willful need to understand everything quickly and easily. The World—especially the Internet—is full of self-appointed benefactors who promise to quickly transform you into smarter, skinnier, richer, versions of your present Self. Our relationship will be different. I expect your Self to bring the same level of commitment to exploring this website that I brought to its creation. This expectation is neither a demand nor a restriction, but an optimistic encouragement rooted in my certainty that you already know more than you can tell.

How that commitment manifests itself is an individual affair. My personal pattern of discovery alternates between briefer periods of intense immersion in a subject followed by extensive downtime. Others might prefer a more regular schedule of 20-30 minutes a few times a week each and every week. But never forget that cogniventus is the P90X, the Insanity Workout for the Human Mind. Even a basic acquisition and application of its fundamentals will give you a psychological sophistication far surpassing any expert to whom you have deferred in the past. You will also find self deception much more difficult to enforce. As Daniel J. Boorstin, American historian and twelfth Librarian of the United States Congress, noted in a keynote  speech that I witnessed in Princeton, New Jersey:

“The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance—it is the illusion of knowledge.”


Addiction as Archetype Self-Knowledge as Self-Defence More Power: Surrender to Win Power as the Control of Knowledge
The Centrality of Self-Knowing Self-Knowledge as Self-Improvement Self-Existent Power: Transmuting Emotions Engineering New Pathways
Take the Cogniventive Challenge Self-Knowledge as Self-Discovery Neutralizing Power: Pulling the Plug The Ultimate Addiction Solution



COGNIVENTUS: The Self-Discovery Matrix
Matrix Responses
A Transformational Program
A Failing Transformational Program
Your Own Transformational Program
One 1. What Is It? 1. Observe The Problem & Explain It 1. What Is Happening To Me?
Two 2. What Causes It? 2. Discover Causes, Conditions, & Effects 2. How Did I Get Into This Situation?
Three 3. What Ends It? 3. Propose A Solution 3. Is There A Way Out?
Four 4. What Means Will End It? 4. Design, Develop, & Execute A Means To Implement The Solution 4. Where Do I Begin?
Five 5. Is It Safe? 5. Manage Risk 5. Is It Worth The Risk?
Six 6. Does it Work? 6. Monitor Progress 6. What Milestones Must I Pass?
Seven 7. What If It Stops Working? 7. Troubleshoot Setbacks 7. How Do I Stay On Track?
Eight 8. How Do I Know When I Am Done? 8. Finalize Results 8. How Do I Complete The Process?
Nine 9. Can I Really Learn This? 9. Transfer Technology 9. How Do I Teach This To Another?
Ten 10. What Happens When I Am Done? 10. Navigate Transitions 10. Where Do We Go From Here?

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