The Seven Signs of Self


1.Self is the center of what we are—as an organism being expressed within an environment, there is no getting out of Self.

2. Self is a process by which Body-Mind chooses within a context of World, remembering the results of those choices, and then choosing again—Homo Volitio. The accumulated  memories are known as the Self-Image.

3. The Process of Self is guided by well-known psychophysical rules that evolve over time(Emergent Property; Law of Diminishing Returns…); the Events that re-constitute the Self are unique, unpredictable.

4. The Process of Self is fueled by the momentum of its choices, and the energy of the emotions emitted from degraded psychophysical states.

5. The Process of Self is directional: it is lived forward in repeating, concentric cycles of choices that expand or contract as they are carved out by Factual Memory and Volitional Memory.

6. It is impossible to know everything about Self. We can, however, close the gap between who we are—the Self, and who we believe ourselves to be—the Self-Image.

7. Fundamentally, the Process of Self never changes—only the boundary conditions under which Self is expressed changes.

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