The Cogniventive Framework Generalized

The Cogniventive Framework
Process Challenges Meta-Process Responses
an Unfamiliar Process
a Failing Process
Your Own Process
Observation 1. Does the Process give a full and accurate description of the Problem? 1. Observe The Problem & Explain It 1. What Is Happening To Me?
Origins 2. Does the Process correctly analyze the Root Causes of the Problem ? 2. Discover Causes, Conditions, & Effects 2. How Did I Get Into This Situation?
Endings 3. Does the Process propose a Way to Remove the Problem at its Source? 3. Propose A Solution 3. Is There A Way Out?
Means 4. Does the Process outline in a clear and unambiguous language how to move from the problem to the solution? 4. Design, Develop, & Execute A Means To Implement The Solution 4. Where Do I Begin?
Risk 5. Does the Process school the practitioner and the provider in all known Risks & Alerts inherent in the Process? 5. Manage Risk 5. Is It Worth The Risk?
Progress 6. Does the Process provide a means to gauge one’s advancement along the Transformational Pathway? 6. Monitor Progress 6. What Milestones Must I Pass?
Decline 7. Does the Process provide guidelines for troubleshooting the process when it fails? 7. Troubleshoot Setbacks 7. How Do I Stay On Track?
Completion 8. Does the Process demonstrate that the quantity and quality of the Transformation was as expected? 8. Finalize Results 8. How is The Process Completed?
Transmission 9. Does the Process clearly define methods for the safe and accurate distribution of the process? 9. Transfer Technology 9. Can this Process be Taught To Another?
Transition 10. Does the Process assist the participant in their return to normal living? 10. Navigate Transitions 10. Where Do We Go From Here?

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