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Michael V. Cossette

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“Cognivention requires an initial openness to seeing new truths. Companies and groups who have no interest in changing do not do well with the principles discussed on this website.”

“After 25 years working as a Scientist & Engineer, I looked back to see that my undergraduate degree in History had been as useful as my graduate degree in Chemistry for solving complex technical problems in an industrial setting. From a humanities perspective, as Scientists & Engineers scale up chemical processes from Laboratory to Manufacturing they are also scaling up human behavior, igniting a volitional momentum with as much power as any runaway exotherm. Shifting to a Meta-Process perspective with any scaled system allowed us to discover emergent properties that create both personnel and technical problems that cannot be anticipated by employees who were part of the pre-emergent system. My approach was so successful that four years ago I started my own Meta-Process R&D company to spread this game-changing teaching to various Lab-to-Manufacturing sites.”

“Generalizing this specific platform with perspective gained by studying Process Philosophers such as Whitehead and Hartshorne, I have expanded my practice to show companies in a variety of unrelated fields how to find and fix any problem in any process—always with significant savings of money and time, always integrating the human and the technical.”

“Cogniventus thrives at the intersection of disciplines, and we are always looking to partner with anyone for a special event or project. If you are not interested in Individual Instruction for Twelve Step Addiction Recovery or Corporate Consulting for Lab-to-Manufacturing scale-up, you may still have an idea that may benefit from our Meta-Process Approach. Here are three examples of successful special projects, events , and partnerships that might not seem an obvious fit at first.”

“Remember that looking at a Process as a Process is not a technical exercise, it is a circular dance between Body-Mind and World. As we learn about the World, we learn about our Selves; the more we learn about our Selves, the more clarity we gain about the World. Partnering with Cogniventus has a similar mutuality of purpose: we help you solve your own problems; you become a part of what we do. Perhaps it is my own personal conceit that everyone not only enjoys the dance, but learns from it.

Because we work with the most fundamental process of all, change, Cogniventus has the potential for a wide variety of applications—physical, mental, or spiritual. In fact, by focusing our Meta-Process laser on the sequence of events within a process, categories like “physical,” “mental,” or “spiritual” lose their explanatory power. Our opportunism has led to a long history of successful applications.”

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